We are pleased to announce that the initial Contribution capability is now available for use.  Please use the following guidelines when preparing your learning object for submission:
  1. Our initial model is designed around using the Adobe PDF format for submission of learning objects.  If you are unable to provide material in this format, please contact us and we will assist you in putting your content into this format.
  2. There is a size limit of 10 MB (megabytes) per learning object in the system.  This corresponds to approximately 12 minutes of a pencast.  If your file is larger than that, please contact us and we can make alternate upload arrangements.
  3. Each learning object can be “tagged” to a single standard.  Use the standards browser to find the standard you are targeting and use the short code for the standard when uploading your content.
  4. For the “Description” field, please provide a reasonable description of your submission.  This is very important because this information will be used in our indexing to assist users in finding content that meets their needs.  The more accurate and descriptive you are, the more easily community members will be able to locate your submission. 
Click here to be taken to the upload form.  This is a secure form, so please sign up for an account in order to contribute.  We will not share your personal information with any other party.
Please note – this is just the initial version of our content collection tool.  If you have suggestions, please email us and look for enhancements to this functionality coming in the near future.