Supporting the Mathematical Practices

The following resources are designed to help increase understanding of the Standards for Mathematical Practice:

  • Common Core Standards: How do they impact the teaching of mathematics? (Tennessee State Department of Education)
    These sessions, facilitated by Susan O'Connell, explore the Standards for Mathematical Practice to determine what a math classroom should look like.  These iTunes videocasts and corresponding resources identify "look fors" to guide administrators in assessing their school's transition to these standards and offer practical ideas for supporting teachers as they build understanding of the Common Core Standards (Download iTunes).
  • Mathematical Practices Learning Community Templates (Utah State Department of Education)
    The following pages include nine templates for use in professional learning situations in which educators are seeking to understand the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice.  The intent is that each template be used for study of a different mathematical practice, but also that templates could be used interchangeably for any of the practices.
  • Video Illustrations of the Mathematical Practices (Inside Mathematics)
    To reinforce and honor the language of the standards, each page has been directly correlated from the mathematical practice standards to excerpts of mathematics lessons.  Just as with content standards, not every lesson reflects all elements of the individual standards for mathematical practice. By representing examples from different classrooms for each standard, [the authors] also want to emphasize how many different ways teachers may enact these standards for mathematical practice in their classrooms, with their particular learners.  While there is no one "right way," there are multiple examples of successful strategies to launch and sustain these practices.